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Online / Virtual Conference The 30th Clean Coal Day International Symposium(2021)Pathway to Carbon Neutrality September 21st - 22nd, 2021 Online / Virtual Conference The 30th Clean Coal Day International Symposium(2021)~ Role of Coal Frontier

September 21st - 22nd, 2021

The 30th Clean Coal Day International Symposium was fruitfully over.
Thank you very much for your participation and cooperation.
We appreciate to all who concerned to this event.

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Carbon Neutrality is a goal that will be achieved by 2050 or later, and countries around the world are beginning to meet targets. However, it is a difficult path for all countries to achieve carbon Neutrality under their actual circumstances such as natural and geographical conditions, and economic efficiency.
At the same time, while we are pushing for the adoption of Renewables, it is quite challengeable to provide electricity from Renewables by own.
Many countries including emerging countries and countries in Southeast Asia have no choice to use the fossil fuels they currently use, especially coal which has large reserves and a stable supply. The key to Carbon Neutrality is to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible and to achieve Net Zero Emissions. This does not mean that we do not use coal or other fossil fuels. While promoting the introduction of Renewables to the full extent, it is necessary to fade out inefficient coal-fired power plants and to take measures to thoroughly reduce CO2 emissions for other power plants. As a solution, measures can be taken to reduce CO2 emissions by converting coal exclusively used at existing coal-fired power plants to co-firing of biomass or ammonia, or to single fuel firing, as well as Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS). We are convinced that finding the best combination of technologies for Carbon Neutrality depending on the country's circumstances as natural, geography, and economic conditions, etc will be a realistic solution for each country.
Clean Coal Technology (CCT) consisting of HELE technology and environmental protection technology now evolves and extends including such as coal gasification, biomass and ammonia, and CCUS, CR and CCS toward carbon neutrality. This is Innovative CCT. We will boost our efforts to promote innovative clean coal technologies and accelerate its social implementation towards carbon neutrality. This is the new Pathway for coal-fired power plants in the future world.
At the 30th Clean Coal Day International Symposium, we will convey this message to the world together with you.
We look forward to having many of you participate.


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